Protecting Fairness and Justice: The Legacy and Expertise of The Bostany Law Firm

This Firm was founded with the basic principle that fairness and justice could be accomplished with truthful and adept presentation of the law to our esteemed justices. John Bostany is the son of Joseph E. Bostany, a former Professor of Art at the Fashion Institute of Technology and retired President of Schwartz Liebman, Division of Cranston Print Works. Cranston is the oldest textile manufacturing company in the country and used United States manufacturing competing with tough overseas competition.

Growing up, John was fascinated by copyrights that his Dad had received on designs for which he had won coveted fashion industry Tommy Awards and which were being protected in the Federal courts. John’s Dad had provided information to United States Senators regarding the need to enact the 1976 Copyright Act.

John’s first job out of Boston College Law School was for a Federal Judge in New York and he then became an Associate at a blue chip Firm that protected Trademarks for companies like Lifesavers, Jaguar Cars and the NFL. Shortly after The Bostany Law Firm opened, Charen Kim began working for the Firm and then became a Member. Charen is an outstanding litigator, with trial skills that are demonstrably successful in case after case. At the apex of the Firm’s mission, is the protection of clients that have been unfairly treated and achieving for them action from our Courts that turns the tide and puts them in a position that our jurisprudence supports.