The Bostany Law Firm PLLC has been outstanding in achieving results for music artists such as Demme Ulloa on Jay-Z's Blueprint, fashion designers such as the Victoria's Secret model that created classic lingerie “Sexy Little Things”, Trademark owners such as Sex Court against Playboy, and the Women’s Shoe Magazine named SLY which succeeded in stopping a male-oriented magazine that a competitor also coined SLY after Sylvester Stallone, and very recently, litigation to protect the LOISAIDAS trademark in a case against Kanye West, and stopping a competitor from using the mark Bathtub Gin.

It is important to Designers to have an attorney that understands the components of Design Protection under the rapidly changing laws of Trade Dress which were at the core of the Longchamp case that was brought against two of the Firm’s clients, the rendering of a pig and cow in the landmark Beanie Babies case which was decided by well-regarded former Chief Judge Posner of the 7th Circuit. The Firm prevailed in the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals which found Bostany’s client Aaron Langman to be a “joint author” in Langman Fabrics v. Samsung (see Art & Fashion category)

The Firm has also obtained outstanding results for its select few personal injury involving tragically injured Plaintiffs, which include a favorable ruling in the 3d Circuit Court of Appeals for THERESA TORMENIA who was trapped in a defective revolving door (see personal injury category).

John also champions the rights of businesses that have been attacked by competitors that use unfair methods to compete (see (see business injury category.)

Please see practice areas below with links to published cases. Additional examples and prior cases will be provided upon request or interest in a certain area.


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